What is The Definition of TBH Abbreviation

People use TBH before they are about to give their honest opinion or thought about something. We can say that the use of the term shows the approach of speaker towards the sentence. The use of TBH may vary depending on the situation where it is used. Sometimes the term is used to give compliments to someone. For instance, you watch your younger brother playing a game of football. At the end of the game, you tell him that TBH you played beautifully.

Before you start using the acronym, it is very important to know if your audience knows what it means. You audience should have knowledge about the term you are using. If the person you send text message to does not know the meaning of the TBH then it will impossible for him what you are talking about. So make sure that your audience knows the meaning of the term you are using in your text messages. If you are looking TBH photos and videos for Instagram, read the complete article here.


Why new terms or acronyms are invented? New innovations and terms are invented because to save time. You don’t have to type “To be honest” instead you just type TBH and that’s it. It will save your time as well as character space. So in this way you type less but still effective.

TBH on Social Networking Sites

TBH is included in the list of the most used slangs on social media. You must be familiar with the term if you are a social media user. When social media users use TBH they also mean “to be honest” but they mainly use it as a game. Some people become part of the game to give insulting comments and opinions about their friends and colleagues.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are popular social networking sites. Let’s find out how they use the acronym TBH.

TBH Abbreviation Definition
TBH Abbreviation Definition

TBH on Facebook:

Facebook users mainly use TBH as a game. The game is about getting hones thoughts or opinions from someone who will like your post. The game is very easy to play and you must have many people playing this game. You can start playing the game by simply posting TBH as your status update. If a person wants to play the game, first he will have to like your post telling you that he or she wants to play the game.

TBH on Twitter:

Twitter users have followers unlike Facebook users who have friends. The concept of hash tagging can be well understood if you talk to a Twitter user.  You don’t have to follow someone to check #TBH. There you can find what people are talking about. You will find people talking about something that is trending and given their honest opinions about it.

TBH on Instagram:

Instagram is all about sharing pictures. Many social networking sites allow hash tagging and Instagram is no exception. You can find #TBH on Instagram. If an Instgram users share pictures with #TBH then it allows other Instagram users view those pictures without even following the person who originally posts the pictures. You must be an Instagram user to do that.